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January 2006: Antarctica and New Zealand
Part 4: New Zealand

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After returning from Antarctica, I stayed for a few days in New Zealand, visited friends, and went hiking. On the first day, I drove from Christchurch to the Alpine Village at the foot of Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain. The weather was perfect and the scenery along the way stunning. I stayed at the famous Hermitage Hotel during the first night.

Mount Cook National Park
On the next day, I walked from the Hermitage up to Mueller Hut, located opposite of Mt. Sefton and 1200 meters above Hooker Valley. The views on glaciers, alpine lakes surrounded by hugh moraines, and mighty mountains were breathtaking. Mt. Cook was in sight almost all the time and framed by a cloudless blue sky.

Lake Pukaki

Mount Cook from Red Tarns

Ready to jump?

Sealy Tarns


Enjoying the Sun

Hardy beauties

Mueller Hut

Hooker Valley

From Mount Sefton to Tasman Valley



Rees Valley
During the next four days, I stayed at a friend's house in Alexandra, visited his institute on the first day, and drove the following day to Glenorchy, located at the end of Lake Wakatipu. From there, I hiked up the Rees River toward Mount Aspiring National Park. It was like walking through a fairy tale landscape.


Rees Valley


Shot Over River

Lake Wakatipu



Clutha River
On the following day, I hiked along the Clutha River from Alexandra to Clyde. After two weeks in Antarctica without seeing any plant, I very much enjoyed the lush green trees along the river bank. I flew home to San Diego the next day.


Clutha River


Blue and green



More impressions of my drive through New Zealand


Church of the Good Shepherd


Moo und Baah

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