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Germar's Zone is dedicated to my mom and all my friends in Germany, the United States, or elsewhere in the world who want to stay in touch with me. It's further designed for all folks who share my love for skiing and windsurfing, and people interested in my profession, the measurement of solar UV radiation. Enjoy learning about me, my homeland Bavaria, my current residence in California, my hobbies, and my work! Feel free to drop me a note!

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Germar's Updater celebrates its 8th anniversary!

Germar's Zone moved to a new provider.

The "Monthly Updater" has been completely redesigned. Full-size photos now open in a separate window and have a size of 1024x768 pixel. A description of each scene is usually provided in an additional pop-up window. Navigation to the next photo can be easily accomplished by clicking into the photo.

From March 2003 onward, all photos were taken with my new digital camera (Canon PowerShot G3), leading to a further increase in quality (at least I think so). However, due to the larger format, file sizes went up, leading to an increase in download times. I therefore recommend getting a broadband Internet connection!

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Hiking in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

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