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March 2003 - Part 2: Palmer Station, Antarctica
I traveled to the U.S. research base "Palmer Station" in March to service and calibrate one of our instruments for measuring ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Palmer Station is located on Anvers Island at the Antarctic Peninsula, opposite of Chile. It was my second visit to the station (the first was in March 2000). It was hard work, but there was also time for enjoying the gorgeous landscapes and wildlife that Antarctica has to offer. This Updater features a total of 54 photos. Because of the larger number, I've broken it in five parts (click on links!):
Part1: Travel to Palmer Station
Cruise from Punta Arenas, Chile, through the Drake Passage and Neumayer Channel
Part2: At Palmer Station
Icebergs, glaciers, birds, starfish, and seals
Part3: Deception Island
Spectacular landscapes, Penguins, and seals
Part4: Return Journey
Cruise from Deception Island back to Punta Arenas escorted by black and white dolphins
Part5: Magallanes
Exploring the vicinity of Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and Torres des Paine
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