Pictures from the Arctic

When I was visiting the NSF UV network instrument in Barrow, Alaska, a had the luck of seeing a gorgeous aurora. The picutures below give some impression of the beauty and variability of this natural phenomenon, which can only be observed at high latitudes.

Also, don't miss my impressions when visiting Barrow in March 2004 and the top of Greenland in July 2007!

Below the Northern Light shots are pictures from Barrow's vicinity and impressions from the flight over Alaska's mountain ranges.


The Vicinity of Barrow

Aerial view of Barrow, Alaska. The site of the NSF instrument is few miles beyond the upper left corner.
The photograph is a scanned postcard, © by Ken Graham Agency, ARCTIC CIRCLE ENTERPRISES®, Anchorage, Alaska.

Sunrise over the snow-covered tundra.

Me and my colleague Jim standing next to a sign, which should be taken seriously. Polar bears are a continuous threat at the Arctic coast and also people from Barrow have been killed by bears.

Flying over Alaska

Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in Alaska with an altitude of 6194 meters (20320 feet).

Endless snow covered mountains.

Huge glaciers dropping into the sea.