Balboa Park

Balboa Park was proposed in 1909 celebrating the opening of the Panama Canal. Althoguh San Francisco became the official city for this exposition the San Diego public remained undeterred and proceeded building the park. Today, Balboa Park accomodates 13 museums, amongst others the Museum of Arts with collections of Italien Renaissance and Spanish Baroque art, the Timken Museum of Arts with exhibits also works by Rembrandt, Rubens and Franz Hals, and the San Diego Aerospace Museum, which displays the history of manned flight including a replica of the "Spirit of St. Louis," the first plane that crossed the Antlantic ocean. San Diego Zoo is close to the historic buildings and also part of Balboa Park.

Most buildings are in "eclectic Spanish-Revival" style. Mexican critics, however, called the architecture "Hollywood Spanish." All decoration of the buildings is fake. It's not carved in stone but moulded in plaster and concrete.

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House of Hospitality. The two-story structure was completly razed in 1995 for reconstruction, which was completed in September 1997. This was necessary because the building had become unsafe, not meeting earthquake standards and other safety codes (Savety is a big issue in the U.S).

West-Tower of Casa del Balboa. The building features exhibitions about San Diego's history from pioneer outpost to its current status as the nation's sixth largest city.

Casa del Balboa at El Prado street. If you look closely you may discover a rare example of political incorrectness. Not found? Look at the close-up.

Sunset in Balboa Park. The turret is called the "California Tower" and belongs to the Museum of Man. Inside the tower is the 100-bell Ona May Carillon that plays Westminster chimes every 15 minutes.