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September 2008: Hiking in Southern California

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I didn't travel much in September. I just enjoyed hiking in biking in the mountains surrounding San Diego and LA. I spent a weekend with friends of the San Diego Hiking Club in the San Gabriel Mountains, biked from Alpine to the Laguna Mountains, and hiked up Thomas Mountain close to Lake Hemet. The great outdoors and the smell of a campfire keep me happy!

6-September: San Gabriel Mountains
On the first weekend in September, I hiked a 19-mile stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail through the San Bernardino and Angeles National Forests. My friends and I split the hike over 2 days and spent the night at 8000 feet elevation at Blue Ridge Campground. The weather was perfect and I was surprised of the lush vegetation, the many flowers and plentiful fruit-bearing trees. Best of all: it was the first time that I saw a Big Horn Sheep. It was only 10 yards away and looked patiently into my camera until I managed to get a decent photo.

Along the Blue Ridge


Our Camp



Below are some flowers and tree fruit that we saw along the trail. Thanks to Carol for figuring out the names!!


Holly Leaved Redberry

Holly leaved Cherry







27 September: Ramona Trail to Thomas Mountain
Another outing with the San Diego Hiking Club! We hiked from Garner Valley via the Ramona Trail to Thomas Mountain. From there, we enjoyed views of Tahquitz Peak (see the updater for October), and the Cahuilla Mountains. We stayed over night at a quiet and scenic "yellow post" site after the great hike. Another perfect weekend!


Thomas Mountain


Our camp

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