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February and March 2008: Spring in San Diego County

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The 2007/2008 winter was fairly wet, which means good conditions for flowers in the spring. Looking at flowers makes me even happier than I'm already are, and so I went out to San Diego's backcountry almost every weekend in February and March. The wildflower season in the Anza Borrego desert was the best in four years and also the foothills were blooming. Some samples are below. Please note that I am not botanist. Don't take the flower names for granted!

23-February 2008: Jacumba Mountain / Dos Cabezas
On the last weekend in February, I was hiking with friends in the Southern part of the Anza Borrego desert. From Dos Cabezas ("Two heads") we went up Jacumba Peak. There was no trail for most of the time and we had to do a bit of rock scrambling. It was pretty green and we went through Cholla gardens on the way up. We camped the following night. There was a bit of drizzle and a nice rainbow in the morning just after sunrise.

Teddy Bear Cholla

Top of Jacumba

Near Dos Cabezas



3-March 2008: Rockhouse Canyon
The following weekend, I was mountain biking in Rockhouse Canyon, in the North of Anza Borrego. More flowers...


Red-stem Filaree

Wallace's Woolly Daisy

Another Filaree

Yearning for water


Clark Dry Lake



22-March 2008: Easter
I also went to the desert over Easter. On Saturday, I hiked with a friend from Ranchita to the top of San Ysidro Mountain, and stayed in Culp Valley over night. Most Easter eggs were cheerful but some were a bit frightened to get eaten (and I can't blame them). Flowers were everywhere.


Happy Faces

Expecting to be eaten

Baby blue eyes


Culp Valley

Wild Heliotrope



29-March 2008: Torrey Pines State Reserve
At the end of March, I spent an afternoon in the Torrey Pines State Reserve, just a few miles away from where I live. It is always a lovely place during spring. Check out my impressions from a previous visit in 2004!


Blue Dicks

Close up


Prickly Pear

Parry Grove Trail

California poppy



30-March 2008: Barnett Ranch
The next day, I hiked with two friends in the Barnett Ranch Preserve. This is an old cattle ranch that has recently been turned over to the public. Everything was lush, but I heard that only two weeks later all the green had turned to brown. I wished spring in San Diego lasted longer!


Wild cucumber

Broad leaf filaree

Filaree up close



Sandy-soil suncup

California peony

Stinging Lupine


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