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August 2008: Backpack to Albanita Meadow

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I went on a backpack in August with friends of the San Diego Hiking Club. It was the first backpack in my life! Our destination was Albanita Meadow in the southern part of the Sierras, about 10 miles north of Kennedy Meadows. It was a three-day trip and we had to haul in camping stuff and food. Luckily there was a spring, so we didn't have to bring water. After having settled in we hiked to the top of four mountains: a little unnamed peak, Jackass, Crag Peak and Smith Mountain. On the way down from Crag we had to hike through an area that was devastated by a wildfire just one month earlier. In fact, it was still burning. My friend Tony saw some smoke in the distance, we decided to check it out, and sure enough, we found a few trees that were still smoldering.

Albanita Meadow

Our campfire

View of Crag Peak

On top of Crag Peak



At the foot of Jackass

Smith Mountain

Walking home

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