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March 2005: Travel Through Southern Spain

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I was in Germany most of March and was visiting my mom almost every day in the hospital. When her health finally got better, I took the Easter weekend off and traveled with Tine to Spain. We flew to Jerez de la Frontera, rented a car, visited some of the "white villages" of Andalucia, witnessed a Semana Santa procession, and strolled through the famous Mezquita in Cordoba. In addition, we had lots of good food, enjoyed the laid-back Spanish lifestyle and had much fun together. Below are some impressions from this unforgettable trip.


Tour through Andalucia
We started our tour in Arcos de la Frontera, one of the white villages, had lunch in Medina Sidonia (another white village), and drove to the coast in search for a place to spend the night. We ended up in Rota and witnessed a spectacular Semana Santa procession, celebrating the Passion of Christ. The next day, we continued to Carmona, an ancient village founded by the Romans. We stayed in the Parador de Carmona, a fortress built during the 14th century, which is now a hotel. From there, we continued to Cordoba, spent another night in Almagro (located half-way between Malaga and Madrid), and flew back the next day.


Arcos de la Frontera

Medina Sidonia

Fish Eyes



Parador de Carmona



Morning Mist



Mequita in Cordoba
The Mezquita is the main attraction of Córdoba, if not Spain. It consists of a huge hall filled with double arches resting on about 850 pillars made from granite jasper and marble. Walking through this amazing maze took our breath away. Construction started in the 10th century when Córdoba was the largest, most prosperous city of Europe. Inside this hall is the "Mihrab", a place for Islamic worship, featuring a huge dome decorated with exquisite Byzantine mosaics of gold. In the 16th century, King Carlos V. ordered that a cathedral should be built in the center of the Mezquita. The size and richness in detail of the church are breathtaking. However, both Tine and I were shocked by the disrespect that let to the destruction of a large part of Mezquita and its artwork by Christian zealots. In fact, even King Carlos V. regretted his decision to build a cathedral within the Mezquita when he saw what he had destroyed, but then it was too late.




Geometric Beauty

Choir Stalls


Standing in Awe

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