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November 2004 - Part 1: Maui, Hawaii

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I've spent with a friend the first week of November on Maui, Hawaii. It was a blast. We rented a little bamboo hut on a cliff overlooking the ocean, went hiking, swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, and enjoying the wonders of a tropical paradise.

Our Bamboo Hut
I usually don't talk about accommodation. Here I have to make an exception, though. Our hut and it's location were just unbelievable. The trail to the secluded retreat went through a superbly maintained botanical garden, featuring 10000 trees and flowers, two temples, a water lily pond, and plenty of fruit trees to pick breakfast. Best of all, we were the only guests on the property. I will never forget sitting at night on our porch underneath the stars, surrounded by a jungle, and listening to the surf pounding on the cliffs 150 feet below.

Our hut in the jungle ...

... on top of the cliff

Happy residents (us)

Sunrise on our porch

View from our porch

Hawaiian Paradise

Star fruit in our garden

Our water lily pond

Our pool



In the jungle
On the first day after our arrival, we drove around East Maui. The "Road to Hana" hugs the coast and meanders through a tropical rainforests full of flowers and waterfalls.


Keyhole to the jungle

Waterfall on the road to Hana

Falls of Makahiku

'Iao Needle

Waihe'e Valley

Pools of Waihe'e River

West Maui



Hawaiian Flowers
Flowers that you usually buy for good money at your flower shop were growing everywhere. Here is a selection:


Between the steps to our hut

Blown to shore

Remembering blue eyes

On Wai'anapanapa Beach

Ficus Benjamin

Red beauty



Watching the sunrise on top of Haleakala, Maui's 9740 foot high dormant volcano, is an unforgettable experience. We got up at 3 at night and drove up the winding road to arrive at the start of dawn. It was quite cold and we appreciated our long underwear, ski hats, gloves, and an extra fleece blanket. After the Sun had risen, we hiked down the crater into a moon-like landscape. It was one of the many highlights of our trip.


Sunrise on Haleakala


Haleakala's crater rim


Inside the crater

Ka Lu'u o ka 'O'o

Switchbacks to Halemau'u



(Wind)surfing, swimming, and snorkeling are all synonyms for Maui. We did them all. I was windsurfing for one day at Kanaha Beach Park, we were swimming at Baldwin Park and snorkeling at La Perouse Bay. The panorama below shows Hookipa Beach, the most famous windsurfing beach in the world. Click on the picture to see a larger version and try to spot the windsurfers beyond the huge waves!



Surfers at Hookipa Beach

H.A. Baldwin Park


Me, facing the "Weird Wave"


Nice Subaru



Last but not least:
Annabell, our new friend



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