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Calender Germar's Monthly Updater

March 2004 - Part 1: Barrow, Alaska

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At the first of March 2004, I traveled to Barrow, Alaska, to service and calibrate one of NSF's UV spectroradiometers. Barrow is the northern-most town of the United States. Most residents are Inupiats, a distinct ethnic group of the Inuit Eskimo peoples. Hunting bowhead whales is still a vital part of Inupiat lifestyle and the influence of Eskimo culture can be found everywhere. I stayed 10 days in Barrow. In addition to working long hours, I was enjoying a winter storm, spectacular sun sets, caribou, a trip to the northern-most point of Alaska (Point Barrow), and foot prints of polar bears. I saw unfortunately only hints of Northern Lights and not the spectacular display that I witnessed in 1999 during my first visit to Barrow.

Flight to Barrow

Welcome to Barrow


Jaw of a bowhead whale

Arch from whale bones



Polar Bear


Eskimo graves

Polar Bear foot prints

Whale bone arch during sunset

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