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June 2004: Greece

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I've spent the first two weeks of June in Greece, attending the Quadrennial Ozone Symposium. It was a great conference with more than 400 participants, including two Nobel Prize winners. We were discussing the latest results of ozone and UV research. I gave a talk and had numerous conversations with colleagues, some of which I haven't seen for years.


The conference took place in Kos, a Greek island close to the Turkish coast. On the way to Kos, I had a few hours layover in Athens. I took a bus to the center of the city and visited the famous Acropolis. The site was quite impressive, but there were two nuisances: too many tourists and too much scaffolding.




Theater of Herodes Atticus

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Acropolis at Night




The conference also offered a half-day excursion to Nissyros, a neighboring island of Kos with a semi-extinct volcano. This was a welcome distraction after having listened to talks for six days.


Cruise to Nissyros


Crater of Polybates

Inside the Crater

Boiling Mud

Suphur Cristals




I stayed an additional day in Kos after the conference, rented a car, and drove around in search of remnants of ancient times. On that day, my voice was completely gone, thanks to a cold that I got two days earlier.


The Port of Kos



Old Pyli

Excavation at Old Pyli

New Orthodox Church




From Greece, I didn't fly directly back to the U.S., but visited for four days my family in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. It was raining most of the time, yet I was enjoying the lush green landscape nurtured by plenty of water.


Bavarian Beef

Rose in my Mother's Garden


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