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February 2004: Afield in San Diego County and Skiing at Mammoth

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The summer and fall of 2003 were very dry and lead to devastating fires in San Diego's backcountry. After some rainfall during the winter months nature sprang to life again in February and I was eager to see the first flowers after so many months of drought. Below are some pictures of flowers and critters taken during various hikes in La Jolla and San Diego's hinterland. In addition, I spent a few days skiing with a friend at Mammoth Mountain.


Above Children's Pool
Here are two natives of the cliff overlooking Children's Pool in La Jolla:



Quail Botanical Garden
I spent the first Sunday in February in Quail Botanical Garden. The garden is less than a one hour drive from San Diego and dedicated to the preservation of endangered plants from across the globe. The garden features a jungle, a desert, and a bamboo grove, to name only a few habitats.





Humming Bird



I dedicated President's Day weekend to exploring San Diego's backcountry. On 2/14/04, I was walking with friends of the San Diego Hiking Club along a section of the Pacific Crest Trail west of the Anza Borrego Desert. It was still rather dry, but there were some pretty rock daisies and lots of flowering brittlebush. The next day, I climbed on Lawson peak, which provides stunning 360º views. On President's day, I visited Black Mountain, which is a prominent peak north-east of San Diego.


Rock daisies

Lawson Peak

Lemonade Berry




Mammoth Mountain
Below are a few pictures of a trip to Mammoth Mountain where I was skiing with a friend. It was snowing most of the time and we were tree-skiing in fresh powder for three days. On the way home, the clouds broke up. The views on the summits of the Sierra Nevada were spectacular.


My friend and I

Berchtesgaden; Germany

Mt. Tom

Before Big Pine



Gliderport and bluffs of La Jolla
On the last day in February, I tried to get some warmth before flying to Alaska the next day. Below are some pictures of San Diego's Gliderport (pictures from last year are here) and of pretty flowers seen on the bluff above the caves of La Jolla.



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