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August 2004: Rocky Mountain National Park and San Jacinto Peak

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During the first week of August, I attended the Annual Meeting of SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering. The symposium was held in Denver, Colorado. I gave a presentation at the Conference on Ultraviolet Ground- and Space-based Measurements, Models and Effects. After the meeting, I stayed over the following weekend in Colorado and went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was my third visit to the park; see the Updates from May 2001 and Jun 2003! I just love this park.

Chasm Lake/Rocky Mountain National Park

On the first day in the park, I hiked to Chasm Lake, located at the base of Longs Peak. Longs Peak is with 14255 ft (4345 m) the highest mountain in the park.

Longs Peak from Lily Lake

Rocky Mountain Columbine

Mount Meeker and Longs Peak


Columbine Falls

Golden mantled ground squirrel



Wild Basin Area/Rocky Mountain National Park

I've spent the second day in the south-east corner of the Park, known as Wild Basin Area. There were waterfalls, lakes, hillsides covered with wildflowers, elks, and blue skies. It was a hiker's paradise.


Calypso Cascades

Ouzel Lake

Flowers at 10000 feet

Bluebird Lake



San Jacinto Peak

On another weekend in August, I hiked from Idyllwild to San Jacinto Peak. The mountain is 10834 ft (3280 m) high. The trail meanders through dense forests with lots of gnarled trees. The view from the top is quite impressive and reaches as far as Salton Sea, which is 228 ft below sea level. I've been to the summit also last year. Pictures are here.


Along Deer Springs Trail

Above Riverside County

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