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April 2004: Mountain Biking

I bought a Mountain Bike in April. I really felt that I had to do more exercise. My plan is to pedal up Mount Soledad from my apartment every day after work. It's a perfect ride: 800 feet altitude gain, 45 minutes round trip, very scenic on top, and no traffic. I have met my goal so far: Since I have the bike, I rode up every day, except on days when I was engaged in other sportive activity, such as windsurfing. Keep your fingers crossed that I keep going and don't get lazy!


East of Ramona
In addition to the daily Mount Soledad exercise, I did some bike tours on weekends. First, I went up from Ramona, located north-east of San Diego, to Mesa Grande. It was very green up there and the landscape featuring scattered trees, cattle, and a little lake reminded me of Bavaria. I did another trip in the same area, starting at Pamo Valley. It's a nice rural valley, where time seemed to stand still. However, there are plans to construct a dam and flood the valley. Let's hope that the folks in charge decide otherwise.


Mesa Grande

Pamo Valley



Rose and Penasquitos Canyons
On a another weekend I explored Rose and Los Penasquitos Canyons (Thanks to my friend Juan for the tip!). Both canyons are very close to home and islands of peace surrounded by a maze of roads and concrete. There were also some nice flowers, including my favored California Poppy (I am somewhat addicted to photographing this beautiful plant).


Poppies in Rose Canyon


Ice plant at the entrance to Rose Canyon

Unkown beauty in Penasquitos Canyon

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